Supermarket supply chain management

Online Order control 

Our core business is trading, which currently provides customizable supply chain services to meet clients’ special needs based on China’s multi-channel procurement platform.
Lance Group have been striving to be a provider of purchasing supply chain service, particularly in the supermarket supply chain. Lance Group can be considered as a virtual integration procurement team through our online order control system. We control orders, manage materials and production processes, control shipment to improve efficiency, by connecting to your supply chain seamlessly through API interface.
Our supply chain management essentially enables you to supervise and control your whole order procedure anytime anywhere by any device with internet. Through it, you could flexibly obtain the latest updates from price offer, order confirmation, to raw material procurement, QC inspection and logistics tracking. Lance will not only provide solid assurance for the goods till safely shipped to your warehouse within strict timeline, financial support is also available under your request.


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